Moviestarplanet VIP

Moviestarplanet VIP

MovieStarPlanet is highly regarded as one of today’s most-played online games. In MovieStarPlanet, you are able to take control of a virtual character and see them rise to fame and become a bona fide movie star. The game makes use of many gameplay elements but uses strategy at the forefront of its gameplay.

Moviestarplanet Cheats

While the game is free to play, there exists a wealth of MovieStarPlanet cheats for coins, and MovieStarPlanet hacks that allow you and your character to soar to the top of the game in no time. Essentially, to become successful in this game you need to take control of the games currency, which comes in the form of virtual coins. Coins are earned through missions and goals; however, it can take unprecedented amounts of time to earn the coins you need to be successful in this game.


How to get more starcoins and diamonds?

Perhaps the easiest way to secure you extra coins is to do the following: click on the area in the top of the screen that lists the players with the highest scores. While it is not guaranteed, players with the highest scores generally secure themselves a multitude of pets for their room. Take yourself to the rooms of the characters with the highest score, and “pet” all of the pets. Doing so earns you extra coins. While this is a sure-fire way to enable you with extra currency, it can become monotonous. So, there exists a multitude of other, sneakier MovieStarPlanet cheats, which this site allows you to make use of.

Is there a Moviestarplanet hack for VIP and starcoins?

Within this site, you can find a tool, which can be used that essentially works as a MovieStarPlanet hack tool. Activating this tool changes the in-game settings, and thus allows you to reap the benefits free VIP and of as many coins as you can muster.

Other ways to get starcoins and diamonds

Of course, there does exist other methods within the game that will reward you with coins. However, none of these methods will supply you with as many coins as this MovieStarPlanet hack tool provides you with. Such methods include:

  • Spinning the coin wheel once a day to ensure you a prize of some sort.
  • Going into one of the many chartrooms and playing games on the floor.
  • Buying a pet, going to the pet park chartroom and clicking on everyone else’s pet to receive coins.
  • Playing a multitude of games daily.
  • Making movies, and having other players view it
  • Asking other players to star in their own movies
  • Taking your time in making movies, as higher rated movies provide a higher payout of coins.
  • Making of “artbooks” and “looks” will provide you with a reward of coins.
  • Making multiple accounts and having these accounts produce movies, looks, and “artbooks” on a regular basis and then funneling the rewarded coins to your main account.
  • Watch short-movies via your account and rate them. This will reward you with 10 coins each and every time.

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