MSP Free VIP Codes

Moviestarplanet Free VIP – impossible…. Well not quite, there is a MovieStarPlanet hack to really get free VIP in MSP.

Playing MovieStarPlanet without at least basic VIP status is pretty lame. I know everyone will agree on that. Buying VIP every month or every 3 months is expensive for the majority, and for Elite VIP or Star VIP you need a little fortune.

There is a solution though. FRee VIP Codes.

moviestarplanet hack


Click the button to start the MovieStarPlanet Free VIP Generator.

What Are MovieStarPlanet VIP Codes?

Did you know Moviestarplanet has VIP Gift Certificates? Yes, there are 4 types of Moviestarplanet VIP Gift Certificates:

  • 1 Week STAR VIP Membership
  • 1 Month STAR VIP Membership
  • 3 Month STAR VIP Membership
  • 1 Year STAR VIP Membership

Each of these VIP gift certificates comes with a unique code. Basically when you purchase a VIP gift certificate you will receive a code which you need to redeem for VIP. Well, believe it or not, a lot of these codes never get redeemed. How? In some cases people forgot about these gift certificates, in other, codes were not redeemed properly. What ever the reason behind the VIP codes not being redeemed, those codes are just sitting there for our tool to find them and finally to be redeemed for VIP. There you have it, that is our Moviestarplanet hack which works perfectly. These unused VIP membership codes are MSP VIP Codes. You can get the codes here on our site for free, so basically you are getting Moviestarplanet free VIP.

MovieStarPlanet Hack

Since now we know what are MSP VIP Codes and how to use them, let’s see how to get to those codes. We mentioned earlier that we have a special tool(moviestarplanet hack) that is programmed¬† to search for those unused Moviestarplanet VIP Gift Certificate codes. So, to get free VIP, you’ll need to activate the hack by clicking the “MSP Free VIP” button. Follow the instructions and you’ll get your unique code in no time. Our generator or as some like to call it our MSP hack is updated daily. MSP Codes are checked and filtered daily.

How To Get Free VIP In MovieStarPlanet?

  1. Click the button “MSP Free VIP” to get started. You will be taken to the Free VIP generator.
  2. On the generator page you will need to first enter your Moviestarplanet username so that the free VIP generator can connect with your profile.
  3. In the next step you need to enter the amount of Starcoins and Diamonds you wish to add to your profile.
  4. Now comes the most important step – to choose your desired VIP membership.
  5. Hit “GENERATE” button sit back and let the Moviestarplanet hack do the thing,
  6. Complete the human-verification challenge. There are a lot of people trying to abuse our tool and use it too many times in 1 day. That is why we had to protect our tool from automated bots and software trying to abuse our MSP VIP hack.
  7. That’s it. After you prove your humanity, all the information will be sent to the Moviestarplanet servers and your profile will get the resources you asked for.

MSP Free VIP Generator Features

Free Moviestarplanet StarCoins and Diamonds

Using our Moviestarplanet hack you can generate Starcoins and Diamonds for free

Free Moviestarplanet VIP

Using our MSP free VIP generator you will get a 3 months free VIP membership

Online Interface

Completely online interface, no downloads required so you are safe from malware and viruses